May 31st, 2010


A Very Worthwhile Day

We were pretty glad this morning that we pushed a little last night and made it out to Santa Cruz. We ended up at a hotel right on the end of the 17, and while it was a little noisy it was a safe little room and we managed to get it for the two nights despite there being a jazz festival in Aptos, one town over, and a whole bunch of people deciding that being right by the ocean would be good for the Memorial Day Weekend.

Because by pushing a little last night, we were Right Here this morning.

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Original Fic: Offerings

Title: Offerings
Character: David
Rating/Warnings: PG, None
Author's Note: This is this week's 1000 word story, prompt is "Decent", but I didn't do that good a job of it, it's far more influenced by the fact that it's Memorial Day. *laughs*
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any and all resemblance to any persons living or dead is pure coincidence.

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