June 3rd, 2010


San Simeon and Ventura

We started with a misty morning, a solid breakfast, a tour of San Simeon, a drive down the coast, and then ended up in Ventura at <>'s house with her husband and little girl Maeve, and we went out for a wonderful dinner, a walk by the sea, and handmade ice cream.  A very good day indeed.

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Tommy's, OAS, and A High School Friend

We had a bunch of things planned for the 2nd of June, but whittled it down to a more manageable size when I was going a little insane trying to fit it all in.

Part of the problem was that my parents had given us two wonderful addresses in Montarey Park for Chinese bookstores that would have good painting supplies and books.  But we started in Ventura, there was OAS down in Huntington Beach, and we really, really, really HAD to go to the Original Tommy's in Hollywood. Plus, just two days ago, I remembered that a high school friend of mine, Sharon, was now living in Long Beach and I contacted her and it turned out that we could visit.

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