September 13th, 2010

flying snow

It's Fall

It's finally fall again, the summer heat has broken, the zucchini and tomatoes are slowing down, the pool is closing in a week, the tree leaves are starting to show a hint of turning about the edges, the nights are getting into the 40's, and the hot tub actually feels good again.

Yesterday, the boys and I went to dim sum together, and, afterward, I spent the time to make meat and vegetable buns/bao from a recipe in a book Mom gave me, and it turned out so well, with my additions, that Jet actually liked them. A lot. Enough that he wants to make them again.

The funny thing, though, was the moment of deja vu when I was wrapping the bao with deft, quick motions of long practice, and Jet picked one up for the first time and I remembered being a kid and thinking I'd *never* be able to make them as beautifully as my mother had. And here I was wrapping them using my left hand to feed the folds into my right hand, and the whole making a perfect little swirl about the center steam hole. It was useful to tell Jet about that feeling and memory as he got the courage up to wrap quite a few of the things. It made dinner prep faster, and he started learning how to fold them. Someday he might show someone else how to do it, too.

Immortality through food. *laughs* My mom's technique in my hands, now, and I'm passing them down to Jet.

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