October 22nd, 2010


Pleasanton Trip

I'm gradually recovering from the last couple of weeks. After doing the Albuquerque trip and the eight hour drive home, I had two days before I left on Wednesday for Pleasanton, CA, and the pleasant company of amberley and my usual social whirlwind with the Horde, plus a nice little Minicon at EndGame in Oakland.

The food was to die for, the hotel suite amberley put me up in was a lovely place, and the gaming was a blast. Of course, when I got home, I immediately got sick (ran a 100 degree temp yesterday and hurt so much all over that I was doubling up on ibuprofen just to feel human again) and am still in the throes of recovering from that, which is why the lack of updates and pictures and things the way I usually do travel logs, so this may be a bit more sparse than my usual adventure logs.

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