November 3rd, 2010


Chugging Along

It turned into fall here when I was away in Oakland. We've now had a morning that started at 17° F (-8° C) and ended up at 65, and in the ensueing week and a half, all the leaves have turned gold and red and been blown away in 50 mph winds. Colorado's fall is *short*.

Voting has come and gone, and I'm very happy to report that my fellow states folks are smart. They read their pamphlets, and they figure out what's what. The "any fertilized egg is a person" measure fell flat on its face. The "cut all taxes and kill every program we have especially education" measures, all four of them, died horribly by nearly 50% margins. And nearly all the elected official races went pretty much as their districts should have voted to represent their real interests. Colorado's one of those almost-red states, but we now have a rather liberal governor who used a positive-only campaign that makes me... happy.

Best of all a local Boulder County initiative that was a tax to help out the human services that were being dropped by the state because of deficits looks like it's going to pass, ahead of the annual Open Space initiative. The County's population's always been pretty good about looking ahead and making sure that there's always going to be open/wild commons areas for everyone to enjoy, but with the economy the way it is right now it's easy to see why folks would vote against more taxes. But they all voted for a tax to help out those in financial need right now.

That makes me feel better about humanity in general, I think.

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