December 1st, 2010


Winter Drabbles

It's been too long since I've done this, and I realize that I really do love doing this. So I'm going to do it here and only here.

Fandoms I'll do this time around are: Bleach, Saiyuki, Trinity Blood, SamCham, Tsubasa RC and xxxHolic, Mushishi, and any of my originals (remember, Darkprism's chars are hers). Feel free to ask for crossovers, I like 'em, and if I know your originals I'll be happy to try and write them, but won't do extra research to do so.

Anyone that comments with fandom, characters, and a prompt, will get one 100-word drabble. It will be exactly 100 words or else I know someone will kill me. I can't guarantee the time or the rating, as these things kind of catch me unawares. If Anonymous requests will be taken as well, so long as you put your Y!Gal or DevArt user name on 'em.

I'll keep this open until 12/15. Thanks, everyone, for reading.