January 23rd, 2011


Slow Wins

So my eye is gradually becoming better. It's a very slow deal, and I think I went through one more infection, but it's clearly starting to get better. The following two links are to up-close and gory details of my eye, so you are warned. *laughs*

My Eye in December.

My Eye now. Not entirely clear, but the improvement is significant.

The first month of this year has been... strange. I'm hoping that it's just the wind up of a terribly energetic Year of the Tiger, and that the Year of the Rabbit will be... a bit quieter and more successful for everyone. Please. *laughs*

Spent the morning at church being utterly amazed and bemused by how many people were still stopping me to thank me for putting my paintings in the little gallery there. One person said they thought I was amazing to be an engineer and *artistic* too! All for good reasons. *laughs softly* The grumbling of the engineer next to me made me a little less gracious than I should have been, I'll admit... as yeah... engineers are creative, they kind of have to be, and many of the best mathematicians and scientists I know are also achingly artistic.

Anyway, the interesting thing is the way my internal view of myself is changing with all this feedback about the paintings themselves. Just like when I suddenly realized I might be a "writer" as well as an "engineer" and now I'm contemplating "artist" with some bemusement.

I'm off for a week to Tennessee. I know I haven't been terribly active, but I intend to get to Winter War, Twin Souls, and probably one or two East and West stories while I'm gone. Hope everyone does all right.