April 3rd, 2011


Made It

This trip was different than the last few trips. Jet's Spring Break was right before we left, and for the first time in years I've been really working hard before getting out here. Allie and I finished an editing pass on the book that was sold, were working on the big edit pass for the second book we wrote, and trying to get the third book organized just so that it could get our heads clear on what is involved. Doing all that and all the things I was supposed to be doing to help Jet with school, OM, and just living, and I have been kind of worn out and uncertain about taking this week and the time after to recover as well.

There was so much still to be done with respect to the writing, but... I finally realized that that's always true of work. That it will be there tomorrow and the week after as well. And I really needed the time away, completely away so that I could just stop thinking writing and do the work that needs to be done, still, in the Gulf. And it was great to have Allie's blessing to just go.

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