April 5th, 2011


Monday, A Good Start

The rain is pouring down and the wind whips through the trees making them roar louder than the train that goes through every few hours. Lightening cracks the sky to let the thunder roll through and it seems like the beginning of a bad novel. It is a very stormy night, though not all that dark as all the light off the casinos bounces off the clouds.

It has been a very busy day.

Usually they call Monday "Stand-around Monday" as the coordinators work with the group leaders on figuring out what projects they want to do and can do and what they have that needs to be done. But we pretty much got our project, and they started out by saying that it was handed over from the American Red Cross, and that a number organizations and groups had looked over this project and hadn't gotten anything done on it. They wanted us to try it, so we went to look.

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trees over Jet

Pizza, Old Oaks, and Lots of Work

The temperatures were wonderful today. Cool to start, in the mid-50's, chilly enough for a sweatshirt, and we were out good and early enough that we found Corbin there with all the materials for the day.

The storm had blown through and the day was clear and perfect for working, especially on the roof, in the attic, and up on the sunnier side of the house. I forgot my earplugs and was grateful when some ladies that came later brought them with them.

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