July 5th, 2011

bloody Byakuya


Our Fourth of July was a lot of fun. The usually swimming, video games, building things, and One Piece episodes, but we ended the day with a neighborhood party. Jet bought his own bag of fireworks from the local stand, and got to light them all himself. I had a few, that I let other kids light, and then we had the HUGE Longmont display only a couple miles from our house. They do it in one of the city parks, surrounded by water.

But it was a good half hour display with an impressive finale that just filled the sky with light and BOOMS and a column of rainbow, blooming fire that went for a good five minutes! Wonderful.

And other bemusing news! The dark AU Winter War that incandescens, sophiap and I are writing has turned up on TV Tropes. *laughs* I'm with incandescens about trying not to check it frequently to see if any more show up. *laughs*