July 11th, 2011


On the Road Again

There's always this time, when I'm on the road, when I want to go buy a big rig and just stay on the road for a couple of years. It always passes, but it always takes a few days for it to sink in and stick.

Part of it is is always the wonder I feel when I'm on the road and see how it changes from everything I focus on, how the world around me is different from the world of my ordinary life. My life is so focused on a particular room, a particular goal, a desk, a computer, a car. When I travel and finally look up and out, it amazes me to see how different it all is from my every day. Suddenly I was aware of the sky, the land, the water, with the snows of this last winter. I've never seen the rivers, streams and tributaries through these lands be this high, nor have I ever seen the land this green this late into summer.

And I'll admit, there's nothing quite like getting on I-25 and seeing the GPS say: "Go 354 miles and then turn left."

Other than getting on I-90 and seeing: "Go 973 miles and then turn right."

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