July 17th, 2011


Moving George and Isabel

John's parents are moving from a house they've been in for more than 45 years into a community for seniors called Emerald Heights in Redmond. They'd been researching the move for the last couple of years, and decided just a few months ago. They'd put their names in for Emerald Heights, and they were called with an opening and decided to take it.

Since then, they've prepped for the move by doing all that they could to get rid of everything they didn't need. All four sons have flown in at one time or another to help deal with everything, and all four sons have taken things as well. In that time, George and Isabel managed to reduce furniture, memorabilia, and just plain stuff to what could fit into a two-bedroom apartment. It's a beautiful apartment, new, with marble counter tops, lovely finish and paint, huge bedrooms, and gorgeously appointed bathrooms. The kitchen is small but perfectly usable.

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