July 25th, 2011


The City of Roses -- July 19th

Portland, the City of Roses, or more prosaically known as Stump City, proved to be a delight. We had natives guiding us to where the magic was alive and well, and it was a real treat.

It's been a few years since I've stopped in Portland. Maybe even a decade or so, for all that there are lots of people John and I knew that ended up here, one of John's brothers used to be there, but moved back to New Mexico. But since I got involved in fanfiction and the communities and sites that are devoted to it, though, I've gotten to know more people. And I made a concerted effort, this time, to get to see aetherbox, whom I know as Grimmalkin and Morgan/ieatyourbabiez on this visit.

So much of this trip was dictated by John's family, by his brothers or his parents, agreements he made that I'm supporting and following through on as part of the Clan and I'm happy to do that.

Still, all of that made being able to visit with these two a big deal for me. I'd planned my visit with Grimmalkin since March, and asked Morgan if she'd be available on the 19th as soon as I knew we'd be in the city. We were very lucky that she was able to take some time off from her second job to meet up with us and tour the city with us for all that she'd been up since five in the morning for her morning job. We were very grateful.

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Is This Things Working?

I think I'm finally able to post again... and it's been a few days.

The BDSM M/M Romance that demented_dee and I wrote is coming out through Torquere Press on the 27th of July, Wednesday of this week, and on that day we'll be hosting the torquere_social blog. MyJohn is actually going to get me the Broadband2Go stuff I'll need to do it somewhere between Redwoods and somewhere in Northern California, like Eugene or Eureka or... something? I'm not sure what. *laughs*

We'll have a coupon, good toward the book, as a randomly drawn door prize for anyone that comments on the things Prism and I will be posting on the Torquere Blog, so please do come if you're interested!

Days at the Lake

Mindfulness is much, much easier when one stubs a toe or, better yet, when one jumps into a lake mostly made from ice melt-off. Pain chases away all thoughts, brings one instantly into the here-and-now, and leaves no room for any mental path but "Ow!"

So it is with jumping into a lake of cold water, the first time. Subsequent jumps seem to have mildly different consequences, but the cold, the surrounding water, and the need to breathe all help keep my mind clear of everything but the immediacy of being alive. Better yet, it doesn't actually hurt, and it can be done entirely consciously and under ones own volition.

I still remember my best coding mentor talking with me about starting new code, and that it's always a bit like jumping into a cold lake on a hot day. The initial shock is always breathtaking, but it gets easier after that.

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