July 28th, 2011

Open Road

Lost Days

[Reposting these with backdating for the sake of completeing my LJ... with the travel accounts. -- li]

With the LJ denial of service attacks and me not having quite as much internet as I wanted to keep posting, I'm in catch up mode today, I think.

We're out in Susanville, CA, and took a couple of days to do it. Monday was river rafting in the Klamath River. Tuesday was seeing the redwoods in Stout Grove and Lady Bird Johnson Groves. Wednesday was wandering out East to the Lassen Volcano Park, and today we're headed out to Carson City to see if we can get me a pair of cowboy boots that I actually like. *laughs*

I was supposed to host the LJ site for Torquere yesterday, and we got the broadband that amberley suggested and it worked beautifully; however, Livejournal was having so many problems, that Torquere's decided to delay our host day until the 10th of August. Hope to see you there.

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Open Road

The Loneliest Road in America

There was some traveler/poet that wrote that about I-50, which heads straight across Nevada, and the route has taken on the theme with a vengeance. There are a lot fewer amenities along this path compared to 90, 80, or even 70 that all go east-west. We've done 90 (Montana and the peaks of Idaho) and 80 (Reno and Salt Lake and Cheyenne) multiple times, and never ventured this way before.

It's been worth it, though the distances are pretty vast between towns, the views have been utterly breathtaking and the roads go to the horizon.

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