September 18th, 2011

Latte David

Lovely lovely art of my David

By aetherbox/Grimmalkin for a commission. My only prompt was "David". *laughs*

Though we talked a lot about aetherbox's worlds, what the symbols meant in his stories, and he really likes my David. I was impressed when he was able to translate a lot of David's character into the symbols and pieces of his world. You can read about my David on the evantide_and_li community. Just join up and you can see the stories. But here's the picture, behind a cut.

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Wrestling With Reality

I've been having an oddly hard time just concentrating lately. Some of it is because the allergy, dry eye, and simple eye infection stuff has come back, but equal in both eyes now, not just the right like last year.

Some of it is that yesterday I went to see Out in the Silence, at our church, with the documentary's creators right there to talk to us, along with a brand-new (2 week old) state-wide initiative to make sure that all the school districts in the state follow through with the new anti-bullying legislation that was passed in the Colorado State legislature this last year. All good things... but some of the real stories just floored me.

If you have a chance, see the movie. It's not unrelentingly depressing, there's funny spots and uplifting bits, too. It's up on Hulu, it's on their site. It's free for anyone to watch that wants to see it. But they like it when you also do the public screening thing, as the main point is to allow regular people a voice to stop the abuse.

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