October 21st, 2011


Yaoi Con

Just because it amuses me to do so... I am in the lobby of the hotel that Yaoi Con is being held (the SF Marriot in Burlingame), in the nest of couches by the Starbucks in the lobby. *laughs* I'm waiting on a friend, who is going to show up sometime, but if anyone wants to say hi, I'm here. Not exactly sure for how *long*, but... maybe that's not the point.

[Edited to add that I'm probably going to be wandering about a little... in a crushed turquoise brocade jacket... that and the nearly 6' of height should help you spot me if you want me. lol]
[Aaand edited again as I am back in Oakland, about to go to the MiniCon at EndGame for the weekend. Thanks to those of you whom I did get to meet! Especially incandescens. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts (I'm still happily wearing the earrings!), the books, the One Piece art book, and the fantastic cards. Even more so for the company and stories. Hope it's far less than a decade before we meet again!!]
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