November 1st, 2011

happy_ukitake, ponytail_ukitake

Amusement and Good News

Livejournal was holding a Twitter contest, asking people to complete: "It was a dark and stormy night..." in less than 125 characters. I won one of the ten prizes. *laughs and laughs*

That did amuse me as I was writing it while answering the door for dozens of kids, who just two days ago would have been plowing through a foot of snow. Tonight, another few inches are coming down... so I knew what I was writing about. The thunder and lightning and snow are a spectacular combination, but I hate having the power flicker. Which, I'll admit is better than what's happening on the East Coast, but...

demented_dee and I also sold a short story to Torquere today with Clark and Daniel as the main characters. We got terms for the contract and their edits within 24 hours of them asking us if the story was still available, and we got the edits done today. That was sweet. Looks like this could be a regular thing.

I've also been contemplating writing up one of the games from Oakland, not sure I will as I'm not at all sure there's interest. I used to do a lot of game write ups, but it was mostly the folks that played that wanted to read them, not most other folks. One was the Fiasco Hocus Focus (i.e. the Dresden Files playset as a start to an impromptu story). Two was a Don't Rest Your Head story with Clockwork Ravens. Three was a really lovely game of Dresden Files where the youngest Carpenter kids (of Michael the former Knight of the Cross) go to a haunted house for Halloween. The fourth was an Apocalypse World version of Lost Vegas, where Sinatra was holding the world together, but got killed and the four Suits that were his right-hand men, women, and other try to figure out what happened and how to make their little world stable again.

Still, sometimes it's fun to write them down and remember the really cool bits. *laughs*