February 24th, 2012


An Anomaly of Time

It's only been a week.

It feels a little like forever, but it's only been a week.

John came home today, and in the hot tub, he was nearly as incredulous as I was, about it only having been seven days.  With all the things that we did, all the stuff we've seen, all the decisions that were made, and all the life that was packed into the last week, it feels like a great deal more. 

And the odd thing is that life just goes on, after death, that it doesn't stop the world the way one might feel it ought to stop the world.  The world just keeps going.  The snow falls, the wind blows, the sun rises and sets.  Meals come and go, exercise has to be taken, and there's a skunk that's now made a home under our house. Tomorrow morning, the pest control people are coming to see what they can do about it.  And I have to order my bees and clean out the boxes, soon, and plant all the frost resistant vegetables in the next week or two.

And it all feels so surreal.

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