March 5th, 2012


It's Just Going To Take Time

We're going to be recovering for a while, long past just the physical exhaustion. I slept for 12 hours one night this weekend, did naps for two to three hours for the past three days, and still slept a solid eight last night. It's not bad in any sense, as there really has to be time and room made for grief, I think. The real thing isn't going to be quick, but it does seem pretty peaceful, so far.

Small problems seem to be bigger than they were, small sadnesses magnify themselves, but the small joys are also brighter.

One of my joys today was that John had a dinner meeting, and Jet wanted to make pasta. Then, out of the blue this afternoon, he said, "Mom, you could get a sweet potato and make sweet potato noodles!"

I had to go to the grocery store for mizithra cheese anyway... so I took Jet's faith and bought a sweet potato too. I had the very vaguest idea of how to make sweet potato noodles, but decided that if Jet thought I could, I'd do it.

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