March 26th, 2012

Open Road

Topsy Turvy Trip to Biloxi

This year has been very different than previous years. The main reason has been because this year's Biloxi trip was the same week as Jet's Spring Break. We knew about that fact, so had planned on doing a road trip with Jet instead of having his grandparents come to stay with him. Plans we hadn't known were going to be as appropriate as they ended up being. Part of the reason for that included Jet asking plaintively, last year, if he could come with us.

On top of that, the NCAA was having the Final Four in New Orleans on the ending weekend of our trip, so it was impossible to find hotel rooms for that weekend. Instead, the group decided to stay in New Orleans for the first weekend instead of the weekend after working all week. So it was all upsidedown.

Our route was straight east on 70 to the middle of Kansas, then south on 35 until Dallas, and swapping to 45 to Houston to stay at Bob and Mei's. From there we headed east along the coastline to New Orleans, and then from there to Biloxi.

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