April 13th, 2012


Absent Insanity...

Uhm. Right.

Disappeared for a while and about to disappear again. You know what they say about Las Vegas... and what I'm about to do will probably just stay there.

However... I never quite finished what happened on the way home, or after. Like driving through Dallas, and up the 287 through tiny towns all through Texas, which was a lot of fun, but we got home on Sunday, and then I dove into the insanity of the release of Winter's Knight with demented_dee. It's out. The debris of the day is still on torquere_social for April 11th.

AND I got galleys for the print versions of both Winter's Knight AND Hearts Under Fire. They're both going to be in *print*, people!! Holy smokes. I'll be able to *hold* them.

AND I started my garden, got the bee boxes together, wrote a 16,000 word Naruto fic on fire play (which I'll post here after I'm back from Las Vegas), and started actually cold calling people for church, which I'm going to have to get BETTER at, and knit a scarf/shawl for Jet's teacher, and did dozens of episodes of One Piece with Jet, and made more sweet potato noodles which actually dried very well...

AND... uhm... I should be falling over, but I'm flying to Vegas this afternoon. *giggles*

And I'll probably write an account of the last drive while in the airport, with pictures as THEY are up on Flickr. All of them, in their road trip glory....

See you on the other side.