June 30th, 2012


The Local Fires

It's been a crazy summer, so far. We've been insanely busy, but the last couple of weeks have been even crazier, with 100+ degree weather, a few wild fires that multiplied in one day's thunderstorms into dozens of wildfires. The air's constantly smoky, but we're not directly threatened by anything, thank goodness. Still, it's rather disheartening seeing all the ways the fires are out of human control, and how close they can strike, when places like NCAR, the National Center for Atmosphere Research had to be evacuated because of the Flagstaff fire. It's very close to here.

I've mostly been inside with an air cleaner, and we're watching a lot of the local coverage, and it's been just kind of crazy all over here. There are drives for donations for all the evacuees, the fire fighters themselves, and lots of local help has come to the fore, which has been really great to see, too. Sorry about the quietness for the whole of this summer.

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Top 2 Bottom Reviews

Did a really lovely review of Winter's Knight on their collection of Torquere author's reviews.  You can find the review here.

They also did rather extensive interviews about how we view writing, how we do our work, and what it took for us to get published through Torquere's publications abilities.  You can find mine here, and Kelly Wyre's here. It was actually a lot of fun doing it, and finding where our answers both differed and were similar.  

It's kind of a fun read.