August 23rd, 2012

bloody Byakuya

Winter War: Ensemble: Making War

Title: Ensemble: Making War
Arc: Winter War
Characters Hanatarou, Byakuya, Shunsui, Nanao, Shuuhei, Ikkaku, Grimmjow, Lisa, Yumichika, uhm....
Rating/Warnings: PG, None other than hints of the violence to come.
Word Count: 5500
Summary: Those who have invaded Hueco Mundo are finally gaining the resources and resolution and leadership to do what they truly came to do.
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or its characters, nor do I make any money from these writings.
Author's Notes: Apologies to those who have been awaiting more of this fanfic, the summer was a little rough. This is a chapter in the dark Bleach AU that sophiap and incandescens and I are writing. In this AU Aizen won the war in Karakura, and it diverges from canon somewhere in the Hueco Mundo and Fake Karakura arcs.

"Nothing is sacred and no one is safe."

Complete Index
44. Yoruichi: Smokescreen
45. Nanao: Dark Songs

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