September 7th, 2012



The seasons changed, once again, and Jet is back in school. The weather is turning cool again, and I'm having the usual urge to bake and make slow cooked dinners in the oven.

This year, however, Jet is in middle school, and is having more to adjust to than ever before. He's figuring out complex schedules, multiple due dates, and how to communicate with his teachers figure out exactly what's due on what dates. He's also getting frustrated a little more easily than before, but I've made it a priority to make sure he gets heard. That seems to be the best I can do.

Kelly Wyre and I have released another story with Torquere Press, it's an 11,000 word novella called Shot in the Dark, and stars the indomitable Clark in his past playing with one of his submissives at Break. Ellis was in Hearts under Fire, as just a side character, but he gets his own story here in preparation for a New Amsterdam novel we've planned.

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