April 1st, 2013


A Very Busy Easter and We're On The Road Again

We had a very very busy Easter, which was also very satisfying in a bunch of different ways.

One of the most fun parts came from a deprivation last year, because of various reasons our church didn't get around to organizing an Easter Egg hunt after the service. This year, there were a bunch of changes. The first was that instead of candy they filled most of the eggs with pennies. The kids could then put their pennies into the bins for various charities that the church supported.

Jet was upset last year that there wasn't a hunt because he was finally of the age where he was going to help hide the eggs for the younger kids instead of getting them. He wanted to help the smaller kids have a great time. So he had a blast this year, filling the eggs, helping to hide them during the service, and then finding some of the eggs for the tiny kids that didn't find any. So it was satisfying all around.

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