April 21st, 2013


The World is Melting

For most of the last week we've had snow. Thick snow, heavy, wet spring snow, and for a full day and a half it lay nearly a foot thick everywhere. Jet and I had a blast going out and sledding and building snow men, because the usual Colorado snow falls when it's so cold the stuff is powder dry and can't pack worth a darn.

Yesterday, the temperatures got into the 60's, and everything was melting.

We went out walking in the afternoon and the sound of dripping, running water was everywhere. It was absolutely wonderful! All the grass has gone green, and the local weather report says that Longmont is even with its annual average of precipitation for the first time in a few years, and the state as a whole now has 75% of its usual snow pack, so we'll actually have some water this summer, unlike the last few years, which have had unusually warm springs.

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