April 26th, 2013


Getting, Worrying About, and Finally Installing the Bees!!

I've been waiting quite a while to get some bees. For the last several years I've been following the Boulder County Beekeepers' Association mailing list and getting all the news about swarms, equipment sales, and all kinds of things and last year I lucked into a very inexpensive setup. I thought I'd also lucked into an established colony, but they died off over the summer.

So this winter I resolved to just order myself a package. I am also now on the hot line to assist with swarms, but I wanted a guarantee. So I bought a package. It arrived on Tuesday, and our weather has been crazy lately, so we arrived to get them at a house where snow blanketed everything all around, and I was warned that I wasn't supposed to install the ladies until it was at least 50 degrees outside.

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