June 16th, 2013

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A Peaceful Sunday

Jet and I did our best to make John's Father's Day a good one, and we all had a great time. Waffle breakfast, church where the boys ushered and I was liturgist, and Luke preached a wonderful sermon about the difference between a God who loves you despite who you are and a God who loves you no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey. How much harder that latter belief can be to keep, but also how rewarding it is.

This after a concert by Bobby Jo Valentine last night. It was a tiny, intimate affair. Bobby Jo was raised in a very conservative family, and he was being vetted to do ministry in a big way as he was traveling all over the country preaching specifically to young adults. Then he decided to come out as gay. Everyone he knew told him he shouldn't do it, that he shouldn't *be* it, and after a very dark nine months, he came out with a faith that shines bright. Here's a link to one of his songs.

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Winter War on Archive Of Our Own

I finally got it all cleaned up, but the very dark AU that incandescens, sophiap, and I were working on, Winter War, is all up, to its present chapter on Archive of Our Own.

I've also gotten a good chunk of Twin Souls up there, too.

One of the features I love about that site is that anyone and everyone can make ebook versions of a fic from the site! So I now have Winter War on my Kindle with Chapters and a Table of Contents! It's pretty amazing....