July 13th, 2013

Open Road

Lewis and Clark Caverns and Camping

We spent a really great day on the eighth at the Lewis and Clark Caverns and the camping site that was just at the foot of the mountain that held the caverns. On the ninth, however, due to a series of unfortunate events, we ended up spending most of the day in Butte, Montana, waiting in car repair shops and getting ferried by various people as the Eurovan got carried by flatbed truck to said repair shops.

What exacerbated the experience was the fact that Butte was having a festival and a rental car couldn't be had for love or money, and the guys at Car Tunes, where the Eurovan is now being repaired, did just about everything they could. We ended up staying the night in a Comfort Inn, taking advantage of the "stranded motorist rate", which I didn't know even existed until now, and being wished well by nearly everyone we met. That was pretty cool.

So now we're another 700 miles to the West and a bit north, in a rental car from Enterprise. We went to Bellingham for a wonderful visit to the sea, some amazing seafood and views, and are now in Redmond, where we got to visit friends and will have other people to see all around Seattle for the next few days. I've only written through most of the caverns, and past the Unfortunate Events, into Bellingham, and I'll try and get the rest tomorrow.

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