August 27th, 2013


Shanghai -- Art Museum, Silk, City God Mall and Garden, Jet's Chop, and Acrobats, May 31

I woke up unable to speak because of my throat. I was tired, but felt mostly lucid. I was also absolutely determined to be able to go on the extra trip on the first, the next day, as we'd paid extra for it, and I really wanted to see the Garden out in Suzhou.

I knew that there was going to be a lot involved today, so was careful about where I spent my energy. It helped that the breakfast buffet in Shanghai was one of the best that we'd seen up to that point. One of Jet's favorites at this stop were the baked buns topped with roh soong (a slow cooked pork that was cooked until it fell completely apart and even further until it dried to crumbles of sweet/salty porky goodness) and butter. There were also three kind of rice porridge, including a pumpkin one that I fell in love with. They also had fresh longan and three kinds of croissants along with paper-wrapped muffins of all kinds.

I did realize that I was beginning to long for American food, but it might have been as much a comfort thing because I was sick as anything.

Everyone was very nice to me, too, which was wonderful. I really have to say that I enjoyed our traveling companions, and the beauty of this new city before us.

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