September 17th, 2013


What Goes Around Comes Around...

Last night one of my friends who is a subcontractor told me about the fact that he was feeling guilty about the fact that he hadn't had "anything really bad happen to him." He spoke about clearing the latter end of his week by telling inspectors and specialists to not even show up because the work wasn't as necessary as the recovery work. It meant he was going to get paid less, but it also opened up time for him to volunteer work for people that really needed it. And that was when I realized why I was in such a funk. I love having friends who have that kind of emotional honesty.

I was feeling guilty about not really having anything happen to me, and it didn't matter that we'd just had a meeting where dozens and dozens of people had just signed up to have John tell them what to do. He was coordinating jobs, people, and resources. He's good about not letting it spill over too much, but being married to him means that I do get the inevitable phone call here or there, when someone can't reach him. And I've been kind of drowning in all the data.

It didn't help that Jet, yesterday, said, "I'm bored. I want to go help at church." The church's been doing childcare, and he went to help them out yesterday. On the way home with John, Jet decided he wanted to do something more active today. So I resolved, this morning, to go with the boys to the house of a member of our congregation and help with the pumping, ripping, mudding, or hauling that needed to be done to help clear their basement so that it could dry out.

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