September 23rd, 2013


Faith in Humanity

One thing about being in the center of a natural disaster is that one gets to see just how amazing people really are. National TV and the media and even social media portray common decency as if it's a rare and marvelous thing. When I'm in the center of it, though, I see it ALL around me.

There are gangs of people just roaming through the flooded neighborhoods offering to help muck out and empty soaked everything, pull wet sheet rock and insulation, and do the slow work of wiping everything down with disinfectant. The job lines for the flood mitigation companies in Colorado (not that there were many of them, I mean, come on... flooding in Colorado?) are 200 people long and the prices match the work involved, which is backbreaking, dirty, and nasty. So people are both doing it for themselves, and doing it for those who need the help. Everywhere.

On Friday, I got permission to feel the grief I've been carrying around with me all week. On Sunday, I went to help a lady with a sick son and a husband just out of surgery get the floorboards pulled up in her house, and found a huge part of my neighborhood in there with me.

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