April 8th, 2014

flying snow

Game Writeup: A Butterfly's Dream of Freedom

This story was inspired by the play of the game at the 2013 Big Bad Con using the Tenra Bansho Zero gaming system, which is beautifully elegant about emulating anime stories.

The Players:
Carl Rigney - GM
Kevan Forbes - Genosuke
Shaun Hayworth - Masagoro
Thomas Fraser - Kansuke
Liralen Li - Winter's Blessing

A few game mechanic notes: All of the dreams of memory were actually each character's Zero Act, all played as part of the character setup. I've interspersed them where they impact the story, but you can see how the Zero Act really does a lot to develop each character in individual play.

Carl has gone over this once with his memories of the game and some telling points as to Goichi's motivations. Shuan gave me some very specific knowledge as to Masagoro's feelings at the very end, which I needed to clarify. Thank you both for your help!! And other than that it's written as I remember it, so all mistakes are my own. It was a wonderful game and I hope I've captured the flavor of it.

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