February 2nd, 2015


Shuttered Realities

A lot of my life I still can't really write about in public, and that's okay.

rasetsunyo reminded me of just writing about being grateful on a regular basis, and that reminded me of my original incarnation of this journal, which was just a daily writing of what happened, and trying to think it through and be grateful for the good things each day.

The interesting thing was realizing that back then, with just Archie and Veronica, and much much slower and much worse search engines, I'd never worried about people at work ever discovering what I'd written there or here, for that matter. My moment of online omg was when a distant cousin of myJohn's out in Darvel, East Ayrshire, Scotland, happened to Google for his hometown and found one of my Scotland journal entries from 1995. I remember being on a ferry with my laptop on that trip, it was a machine that ran on two 3.5 inch floppies. *laughs and laughs* And a man on that ferry asked me if I were either very rich or doing work on my trip, and I said neither. I just liked having it for my journal...

Anyway... I feel like I need to get back into the habit, as while I have plenty of things to concern me right now, there are plenty of things that I can take joy in doing and experiencing.

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