June 5th, 2015

trees over Jet

Memorial Day and a Mountain Climb - May 25

This was the last day of most people's weekend. None of the other kids were out of school, yet, other than Jet, so most of them had to go back to end of the school year stuff, like finals and parties and graduations. Various people were leaving at various times, so Isabel mostly stayed at the house to have one last chance talking with them, and to say her good-byes and thanks to everyone that came to celebrate her birthday.

There were two major hikes during the day, and we decided on doing just the one to Multnomah Falls. It was fairly nearby, and it's the tallest falls in Oregon, and is a two tiered beauty. In the afternoon another group went to Trillium Lake, a relatively flat hike, but I was too tired to do it, and we just stayed at the house instead.

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