July 7th, 2015

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New York City Trip Index

Just to have all the links in one place.

This whole trip was because Jet's Jazz band teacher, Dana Clanin, and the teacher of the performance choir, Beth Miller wanted to give their kids the opportunity to go to New York city. Both of them had some contacts there, and they both wanted to introduce the city in the light of the performance arts, to give the kids a taste of what it would be like to be performers in the Big Apple.

They worked with EA Educational Tours to get it all organized, as EA has a lot of experience with developing educational tours for kids, including how to manage them for the whole trip. And John and I got to go as ourselves, not as chaperones, so we could wander as we would and see some of the things we wanted to see, too. And we ended up with one Mr Dick Swarn, Mr. New York City, who was an amazing guide simply because he loved the city so much.

It was a blast.

May 28 -- Getting There
May 29 -- Midtown Manhattan and the Empire State Building
May 30 -- Lincoln Center of the Performing Arts, Hell's Kitchen, the Met, and An American in Paris
May 31 -- Lady Liberty, Wall Street, the Hudson River, 911 Memorial, the Subway, and Dylan's
June 1 -- Radio City Music Hall, Grand Central Station, Strawberry Fields, and The Phantom
June 2 -- Greenwich Village and Getting Home