December 24th, 2015

Christmas Me

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Holidays

... however you celebrate them. I'll wish you peace, joy, and good company.

We had a very nice Christmas Eve dinner with friends and family. John's mother Isabel is here for a while, and we're enjoying her company tremendously. And last night we climbed up the Flagstaff Star in Boulder, and it was crazy steep, icy, muddy, and worth it when we got to the top. The view stretched for miles and miles and miles, lit with all the lights of Boulder below.

The service went well, and I gave gifts to all the people that I needed to give something to, and I resolved one thing that had been giving me stomach aches for weeks. I was able to compliment someone sincerely and have them actually hear it, which was amazing; and best of all I got to hear Jet play his trombone before the service.

I hope everyone who is celebrating Christmas will enjoy the day. We'll be having our traditional homemade cinnamon rolls and we'll all be in our pajamas, hopefully all day. *laughs* Love you all, and take care.