September 12th, 2018


September Blues and One Bit of Glee

I was feeling so sad yesterday and I didn't really figure out why until the evening and seeing all the memorials and pictures people were posting about remembering on all the social media things.

Gradually coming to the realization that emotions don't always have to reasons, and it's just something that happens.  Feelings just come and go, and they aren't any particular kind of truth and they don't define me.  I feel sad, it's not that I am sad, which is a newish distinction for me to make and was made all the more obvious by the language used to deride each other in first person shooters.

It's interesting realizing that I learn more from the contrast.

John's now off on the road, having to leave early in order to actually meet up with us in California. With the extra day he'll have plenty of time to stop and hike and enjoy himself along the way, while we're touring a studio he'll probably be hiking in Reno. *laughs*  Jet, John and I are on a Whatsapp Chat and with all three of us separated it'll be interesting to see what pops up from all three perspectives.  It's an interesting way to stay current with each other.
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