November 5th, 2018


Taos and Albuquerque

I'm going to take a page out of Jet's book of plays and just go through time as I'm able.  I came home from the last trip with a cold, a severe lack of sleep, a rather messed up upper body, and a number of issues with the way my vision was working. I also had a teeth cleaning yesterday, which I'm happy to report found nothing that needed to be worked on this time.  That a first for a while, and I'm really grateful, but I've been mostly recovering instead of being able to write and juggle pictures.

After the West Coast trip, John and I had a good few days at home that included going to the amazing wedding of Andrew, the son of Bob, a co-worker of ours who had been with us in Redmond and had done the move to Boulder in 2000. Actually, Bob hadn't done the move then, he'd waited for his daughter to finish high school and then came with Andrew and his wife Mei. Andrew was a part of Jet's growing up, and we've been close friends with them for a very long time before the move and after.  So it was a really special wedding, and it was a real joy to see Andrew married.  Better yet, two nights before the wedding, our neighborhood had a party at our house and invited them all to the party as well.  That was a lot of fun.

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