June 23rd, 2021


Bao-zi My Way

We've been doing a lot of experimental cooking during the pandemic, much as everyone else has been. Some notable highlights have been the TikTok Baked Feta pasta dish (with our garden basil, some added whole garlic, and sundried tomatoes because why not riff?), the Lion's Mane crab cakes which surprised us by how GOOD they were, and the usual meanderings about sourdough, which are too numerous to actually link, though I ended up basing my experiments off of The Woks of Life's dad's recipe, as he went at it like an engineer.

All good things, but Jet recently asked me for my bao recipe, AND he asked for all the changes I made to it for our food. Jet knows me way too well.  So I'm gonna write it up as I would make it. The only reference I have is the Wei-Chuan's cookbook "Chinese Snacks" and it's entirely for the dough, not the filling, and I've modified it heavily for baking at 5000 feet.

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