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Dinner for 150

So I signed up to help with cooking for a farewell dinner for one of our pastors, and it's been oddly frightening and exhilirating trying to plan for 150 meals.

Especially as the assignment has been split between one guy doing the meat, one lady doing all the desserts, and I get to figure out everything else. He's decided on turkey, as it's that season, and turkey can be so inexpensive right now, especially compared to all the other meats.

I am planning on stuffing, a steamed vegetable, green bean mushroom soup cassarole, salad, and rolls. Costco did the first two, no problem. All I have to do is add butter and broth to Pepperidge stuffing mix. Easy Peasy. They also had 6 pound bags of suspiciously familiar mixed vegetables, good vegetables, but they really looked familiar to what a number of the middle-weight restaurants around here serve. They also have a really good salad selection, but I got all the dressing at Safeway. mizkit's Ted posted a beautiful soft roll recipe that got me all excited. A 25 pound bag of bread flour at Costco is only a measley $3, this compared to a bag of 25 rolls being $5, and I was hooked. I also wanted whole wheat rolls, which they didn't have.

So I'm committed to a lot of baking Friday and Saturday. Should be interesting to do. What might be funny would be handing out pre-mixed bags of all the dry ingredients with the shortening worked in (I love how shortening is pure enough to be so shelf stable) and instant yeast worked in, and just have people add water, time, and baking and maybe get them to make some rolls for me. The church has a list of people willing to do certain things, and I may be using up all the cooking folks.

There are moments when I'm daunted by the sheer scale of it. There are other moments when it seems way too simple... and I wonder at the moments of huberis.

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