Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Never Give Coke to a Two-Year-Old

... especially for dinner, after a fun and exciting evening of swimming, playing with other people's toys, and being exhausted to start.

I was so surprised when Jet didn't nod off on the way home, too. I should have figured it out then, but Jet had gulped both John's Coke and my Vanilla Coke during his dinner of bacon bits, potoato strings, pepperoni, and ice cream. And he had a terrible night. We could have and probably should have gotten him a lemonaide of his own. Usually, I have a Sprite or something non-caffinated, but I was dragging and needed something. The only problem was that Jet got it too, and treated it like Jet-fuel.


So he was up for nearly the bulk of the night, only to nap for forty-five minutes before pre-school.

I'm still dragging after being up for half the time he was up. John took the other half. It's so good to have a team of two on one.

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