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Poor Jet

At pre-school, the teacher thought he was a bit warm and lethargic, so she took his temperature, and it turned out to be 102. Not too scary for a little guy, but enough that she called John to take him home. He slept at home, and has been pretty tired all day and evening.

Though he and I went out and wandered around a bit before dinner, and he wanted to ride the lawn mower, so we went out for a ride. I bumped the mailbox when we went to check the mail and it fell off the post. Oops. As Jet put it, "Crashed the mail! Crashed the mail!"

I did, indeed, crash the mailbox. John's got it clamped up until we can get a new one this weekend.

Jet lay in my lap like a lump for most of the evening, burning up gently. He ate nothing, drank a boatload of OJ and milk, and went to sleep very promptly, only to yell, throw off all his covers, and go back to sleep just a few minutes ago. I hope he sleeps well, but I'll be home for him tomorrow. Nice to have very flexible work and hours.

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