Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Not Broken!

Well, at least we can now say that my wrist isn't broken. That's something. Dr. Benson was cool. He realized that the splint was probably the culprit and he even sent me to radiology to get an X-ray of the wrist just in case I had accidentally broken the bone leading to the thumb. We determined that it's pretty likely that I hadn't and that the sling might have compressed the tendon or simply made it easier for me to hyperextend the joint that is now in pain.

He did tell me that it was likely, given that the joint that is now in pain is the one that would have been left vulnerable by the splint I got. He also told me, in no uncertain terms, that what I now had injured was much harder to immobilize and harder to treat. The only way to completely immobilize it would have been to put me in a cast nearly to my shoulder, as they'd have to immobilize the elbow as well. So the only treatment is to try the anti-inflammatories for a couple weeks and be a little careful with it when I can.

Which is pretty okay, at least I was told that I shouldn't use the splint/brace anymore.

It does bug me a little bit that the cure for one thing caused the injury of another, but so it is.

One great good thing is that my new Visor arrived. That's pretty cool. Of course the instructions packed with it were pretty much incomprehensible, so that lacked a bit. One good thing is that there are drop off boxes for Airborne shipping just about anywhere I might want to go in Boulder and Longmont, so we should be okay at getting the broken guy back to them. Yay!

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