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This morning, I took Jet to get some 'pink crackers'. Jet has a mild addiction to strawberry wafer cookies, and we were going to get his fix. I get him into the van, strap him in, get his diaper bag, get that put in. I climb into the driver's seat from the back and notice that the radio display is blinking. Huh.

I put my key into the starter, turn it, it starts, no problem, and then I throw it into reverse, release the parking brake (which also turns on the headlights), and the engine dies a horrible sounding death.

From the back of the van a small voice says, "That's not good."

Luckily, the Eurovan's backup battery started things, just fine, after I'd recovered from laughing so hard and started it again. I let the alternator work for a while before trying to drive it. No problems. Whew.
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