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Ugh. I so do not want to work right now. My test results on one platform are different than on the other and one is a clear failure. Luckily, it's true. The application doesn't work on the one platform. Still, I'm faced with the fact that I'm going to have two different correct test results on two different platforms and my harness isn't built to have differences between the two.

Besides, it's raining outside and I so want to be out in it. It's terrible.

It's so nice to have the air wet with rain and the sky filled with gray and clouds. And Jet's a very happy baby who's doing his Leap of Joy in his exer-saucer and has peered at the long line of clouds on the horizon with appropriate glee.

Okay, the real reason I'm so sad is, I hate to admit this, because I missed a meeting I wanted to attend today. It was about usability testing at Xilinx and what we're going to do to get a really good process for doing it in place for our GUI's and getting a framework up to guide people that want to do it to their applications in place. No real work, yet, just all the setup, but this is when it's all exciting, all shiny and new and everyone's coming up with the cool ideas... and I missed it because I just got confused about when it was and not being at work there's no one to tap me on the shoulder and ask, "Aren't you going to this meeting?"

A pitfall, I guess, of working at home and telecommuting for much of my life. And there I was willing to sacrifice a whole hour of cel minutes to have a meeting at the same time John does. Next time I might just use one of line out of the two for the ISDN rather than hazard radiation head.

But it is kind of sad that I'm actually sad about missing a meeting, of all things.

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