Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

I have the house to myself this morning. John and Paul took Jet with them on tours throughout Boulder. They're having fun and I get to work uninterrupted. That's a pretty fair trade, all in all. It's so quiet in the house and it's nice to be able to concentrate. Of course I won't have that tomorrow, but then John will get to go to work, so that will be fair. I'll probably get in a full six or even eight hours today, plus riding my exercise bike at lunch time, and a massage at 5, all of which should help with tomorrow.

It's also perfect tea weather today. Cold and raining and windy outside. It's very nice to be able to work in slippers, t-shirt and sweat pants. The weekend was something of a whirlwind. We went out four times on Saturday to four different destinations. Yesterday we rested up. Jet only got up to eat once the night before last, and last night he was up three times, but not the six times of Thursday night. Whew.

Sleep is good. Exercise is good. Peace is good.

Jet looks so funny. We found a pile of clothing for him that now fits him when we looked through his stuff on Sunday. He now has all kinds of overalls, coveralls, cute outfits, pants and shirts with buttons to keep the shirts down, jeans and t-shirts, and all kinds of clothing that is all elaborate. Goodness. It's all the stuff people gave him and he looks like the kid of some parents that really care what their kid wears. It's kind of frightening but kind of cool, too. He looks really snazzy in black and red velvet, kind of farmerish in the tans and golds of his jet shirt and tan stripped coveralls. He's got an outfit, now, for every day and a clean sleeper for every night for probably two weeks. It's mildly astonishing.

He is mildly bemused by getting changed into multiple pieces of clothing in the morning. He's not used to having several things get put on him at once, and he really hates having multiple things pulled over his head. But he is warm in this new cooler weather, which is good.

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