Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Finally Capturing True Brew II: Tea

Oh! Right... the other story of the weekend...

So the on-going saga of trying to get True Brew II: Tea on tape has had even more disastrous consequences than so far. To sum up the action up to date:

1. I missed the episode completely when it was first aired on Wednesday.
2. The following weekend, it was showing on Sunday, but I accidentally tried to record it on Saturday at the same time, so got garbage on the tape.
3. This last weekend was the 'next' weekend where the episode as supposed to be playing on Saturday night at 7 PM.

At 6 PM I tried to check if my programming were correct, one more time. I was nursing Jet at the time and accidentally hit the 'Eject' button on the VCR. So I asked John to push the tape back in. He found that the tape had jammed, wouldn't come out and wouldn't go in all the way. Being the Techer that he is and having once worked in an electronics shop he instantly found the screwdriver, and undid the top of the box and pushed the tape out from inside the innards of the VCR.

The label on the tape had come partially unglued and had stuck to the door of the VCR, which is why it didn't come out immediately. John stuck it back in and then the VCR started acting crazy. It would fast forward for about a minute, then do some head mongering and then try to play and then immediately fast forward again for about a minute and cycle on and on without paying any attention to its inputs. Uht oh.

It was dead, Jim. Very, very dead.

So the three of us piled into the car for One Last Try at getting the Tea Episode, there was one last showing at 10 that night (okay, okay, to be strictly accurate, there's one more showing this Wednesday at 11 am, but I didn't know that) so our objective was to get a VCR, learn its inner workings, and get the episode recorded at 10. We ran over to the Sale going on at one of the local home video places and ran out with a cheap Sony VCR (the repair cost for the old VCR would have been at least $129, just to have it looked at, so we did okay) and got home and John got it all set up and ready to go by 9:30. Jet fell asleep then and we actually watched the episode while it recorded, just to at least be able to see it.

The next morning, the recording was still there. Whew. So that was try number three and the finally successful fourth try. Whew.

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