Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

We had a Christmas party yesterday afternoon at the office. It was obstensibly a Toys For Tots benefit, and the site raised about $4800 for the benefit, so it fit...

But we had Santa, tons of candy, a buffet fit for a king, games for the kids, and a raffle and benefit auction to boot. It was pretty cool.

Jet ate nothing but candy all evening: two candy canes, handfuls of M&Ms, part of a cookie, and a good dozen Hershey's kisses. The bemusing thing was that he didn't get at all hyper and he didn't crash, either. He was just his mellow self for most of the late afternoon and evening. I was very impressed, especially when he came home and proceeded to line up every truck, car, and toy end to end. The line snaked through the hallway, through the livingroom, and all through the foyer. Everything perfectly placed end to end. He even consented to say, "Cheese!" when I took his picture at the front of the line.

That was pretty cool.

Jet won a chocolate Oreo cake in the cake walk. We ended up saving a quarter of it for ourselves and taking the rest to work. It was vacuumed up in less than fifteen minutes. I'm always impressed at how engineering floors perform like locusts when treats are concerned.

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