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Outside Observations

My boss-boss-boss, whom I actually have pretty good respect for, was speaking to the boss-boss-boss of my job-to-be. He said that he was amazed by me and by my husband, that we were both part-time engineers, but we were both on par in productivity to his full-time engineers and he really wondered how we did it.

That kind of floored me, as my boss and my boss-boss have never really said that they were amazed by my productivity, only that they were pleased with my work, usually leaving me with the impression that I was 'good enough' but I'd better stick to it to keep my senior engineering position.

Weird to have that kind of sideways compliment.

Rosty says that my present job is driving me insane and that my new job will be much, much, much better for me. He is biased in observation, but he is outside of my head, so I should believe him.

Jet's having a blast with his grandparents, who arrived Tuesday, and they've been taking care of him while I tackle three fires that have driven me crazy for the last week. Most of those will be cleared out by Christmas and I may not be quite as crazy then. I can hope.

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